The Importance of Design Style When Planning Your Kitchen


The kitchen is, by far, the most important room in your house. It is the “hub” of most family interaction and entertainment and the design of your kitchen should reflect your unique lifestyle. Whether you are planning for your new kitchen, or redesigning/remodeling an old one, the style is important not only to the immediate user (you) but also to possible future users, such as growing children, aging parents or the next homeowner.  There are so many ways to approach the design for any of these purposes, but first and foremost you should take the time to learn and appreciate your own design desires and preferences.  Merillat’s Your Design Style guide will help you decide what design style best defines your preferences.

The design style of a space is becoming much more important in today’s changing environment as more time is being spent at home cooking meals, entertaining friends and spending time with family. Each kitchen should reflect the type of individual and family you are…. as well as the style of the rest of your home. Discovering your style can seem stressful to most, mainly because most people are worried they will make the wrong decision and be stuck with that cabinetry style, tile color or drawer pull forever. The key is finding the balance between careful consideration and hasty decision making.

We feel an easy way to begin this “style discovery” is by doing your research.  Creating a file of “tear sheets” of kitchens and design styles you gravitate to in magazines and advertisements.  Our IdeaFolio™ is also a good resource where you can collect all your favorite design elements in one convenient place.  An IdeaFolio™ is your own personal space for collecting ideas and products from virtually anywhere on the Merillat site.

You can delve into the limitless offerings of the internet by researching different design eras and developments the kitchen industry has experienced.  Reading blogs, watching design videos and joining social networking groups of kitchen and design enthusiasts will create connections with other design experts of which you can ask questions, look to for advice and learn about the industry.  From this wealth of knowledge you can start deciding, right off the bat, what you do and don’t like. Keep a log or a “look book” of this data, imagery and advice and begin to connect the similar pieces that you like the most… you are well on your way to planning the perfect kitchen.  Let us know what your favorite blog and/or social network are to help get advice and answers on your kitchen design questions!

Considering the personality and preferences of the primary users of the space is important to the planning of a successful kitchen design.  Creating a space that reflects the design style and functional needs of family members spending much of their time in the kitchen will ensure minimal adjustments at a later date.  For example, major decisions, such as cabinetry finish and style, should be taken into serious consideration first, as these are things that are the most expensive to change in the future.  More unique personalities can really shine through on other applications that are relatively inexpensive yet ever-changeable. For instance, a favorite color choice for the walls, using unique materials for your backsplash or an inventive choice of drawer pulls are ways to create a custom, fun experience quickly and at minimal cost.

Choosing the right design style will not only draw entertainment and personality back into the kitchen, but also aid in bringing the element of enjoyment back into cooking and spending real time with family and friends.  The fun of kitchen design begins with style.