Planning a Kitchen or Bath and the Importance of Good Design

Good design can have a positive influence on how we live. I’m not talking about extravagance, I’m talking about the simplicity of something beautiful and functional that brings you pleasure in your everyday life. Good design is inspirational.



If you look around, almost everything we see, hear, and touch is a result of the someone’s (or some heavenly being’s) creative vision. What moves you is as personal and unique as the millions of designs we encounter daily. A good designer intends to make your environment personal and comfortable for you. Our design process is intentional and customized to your specific needs, your desired aesthetic, and the architectural integrity of your home. Good design is EVERYTHING.



The modern kitchen in your city apartment might not be the aesthetic you desire for your Hampton’s summer home, which might be entirely different than the environment you are trying to create in your Montana Ski House. How we define that emotional connection to your space is what we do best; it is what a good designer instinctively knows how to execute. Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly has built our 30-year industry reputation by doing things right and combining quality materials with good design.


Ski House Bar – Wood-Mode Cabinetry

Through a collaborative effort, we make good design decisions together. It is our job to dig deep and ask clients to look closely at themselves and their lifestyles  in order to understand how they will live in their new kitchen or bath. Bear with us during these interrogations as we listen carefully to your answers. Our designers enjoy this creative interaction and are passionate about delivering the highest level of service and the best possible design for your space. The result is worth the probing when you live in a kitchen, bath, or family room that truly reflects your own character and personality. The well-designed space will tell your story.