Bizarrely, an apple placed in a bag of potatoes will stop the potatoes from budding.

We all want a kitchen that’s better organized, right? Of course right! Last February we focused kitchen essentials and organizing them well. Here are some of our favorite kitchen storage tips and advice that came up that month, from hanging a Julia Child-style pegboard, to the best magnetic spice jars, to some unexpected tools for keeping things clean and tidy!


• 1 5 Tips for Hanging a Kitchen Pegboard

• 2 Small Spaces, Small Solutions: My Favorite Magnetic Spice Jars

• 3 Make the Most of Kitchen Drawers By Organizing Diagonally

• 4 A Smart Organizing Solution For Deep Kitchen Drawers

• 5 By Your Side: Keep Cooking Essentials Close With a Cake Stand


• 6 The Shower Cap: A Surprising Kitchen Essential