Kitchen Survey

it’s easy to see why this room is special. It’s also the one room where we almost always have to rein in the client on what they want to do and how much of their budget they want to dedicate to the kitchen as a percentage of the whole.

Have you also noticed that there are certified kitchen designers out there? These are people who are dedicated and knowledgeable about the specific intricacies of putting together a well functioning and beautiful kitchen. Have you ever seen a certified Living Room Designer? They don’t exist …

I get a lot of magazines and at best and on a good day I skim through them when on the phone with engineers. One of the magazines that graces my desk recently ran an article that caught my eye. It was ‘Professional Builder’ and the article was titled “Survey: Majority of builders believe that kitchen is key to selling new homes’. While I don’t generally believe that the road to happiness is necessarily through following the thought process of the majority, I really thought this was an article worth sharing with my readers. I went ahead and pulled out and modified some of the graphics from that article so you could get the main idea without having to slog your way through a trade periodical.

Kitchen Survey – Kitchen is Key.

Kitchen Survey.

Did you ever wonder which features in your kitchen had the most value or importance? If you were looking for some sort of justification that the ideas you had about expanding or improving your kitchen were good ones – you can check the chart below and see what the people who were surveyed thought.